3 Social TV Startups You Should Know About

March 26th, 2014

The office watercooler is now a compromised space. You can no longer discuss last night’s episode without hearing the all-too-familiar “spoiler alert!” refrain. Don’t worry– there’s help. With the advent of the connected television, smart mobile devices and media discovery/sharing platforms in the Social TV market space, you can share your thoughts on last night’s finale without disrupting the break room equilibrium. 

The Social TV sector has been expanding at a breakneck pace in recent years as more and more consumers are using mobile devices and social streams to discuss and share content in real time. This hasn’t fallen on deaf ears; marketers eager to increase engagement, gather insightful data, and increase audiences, have jumped into this space.

They’re partnering with some of the most innovative companies in Social TV to streamline cross-platform branding initiatives and deliver more content than ever before. Take a look at the Social TV technologies scoring big on KITE.  

$25,000 pilot available

Dijit creates hyper-personalized mobile apps that help viewers discover and watch relevant content while helping brands and media companies reach targeted demographics with surgical precision. Their newest product is a TV listings guide designed specifically for the iPad.   

YuMe has created a software for publishers, brands and media that’s embeddable across a wide variety of internet-connected screens, allowing brands to unify their fragmented audiences with a single ad creative.

Samba TV identifies what’s playing on a TV screen and delivers relevant content in real-time to second screen devices, including mobile.

Our Social TV standouts are a veritable Swiss army knife of media marketing tools. Dijit, for instance, lets marketers leverage a deep well of analytics to promote their own media to interested consumers through a content recommendation engine, whereas Yume and Samba let marketers take a more direct approach, serving relevant ads in real-time across platforms. Both the soft and hard-sell approaches are critical tools to keep in your back pocket as you aim to reach consumers in the ever-evolving Social TV ecosystem.

Social TV Pilots on KITE

We currently have a healthy group of Social TV pilot programs in the KITE marketplace.  Take a look one of the companies offering up a promising pilot.

Vuact lets audiences record their reactions to events in videos, allowing publishers and content creators to analyze comments and social actions to make more informed marketing decisions. 

To learn more about Vuact, view the specifics of the pilot offer, or look at the rest of the Social TV pilots available, connect with KITE

Next week, we’ll give you a peek at some of the companies that are trending on KITE in the Rewards & Loyalty sector.

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