Spring Innovation Events Worth Your Time

March 26th, 2014

We find that industry events are a hotbed of inspiration, important connections and proof of our thesis. Whether we’re walking the floor at tentpole conferences, like CES (read our coverage) and SxSW, or having intimate discussions at boutique events like the iMedia Summits, these events are key business drivers for growing startups like us, as well as the agencies, brands and media companies we meet there. In addition to the learning and thought leadership, these are opportunities for decision-makers and leaders to get together in a focused environment to collaborate and move their objectives forward. 

For KITE specifically, events are often a physical/real-world manifestation of what we’re doing in the cloud every day – bringing together the most innovative emerging tech companies with marketing and other business leaders. We’ve seen events fuel KITE usage, giving us more user insights and suggestions to consider as we further our product’s development. They’re also one of the most natural ways for us to market our product and engage with the agency/brand/startup “geekosystem” at large.  


At SXSW 2013, evaluation numbers on KITE skyrocketed. Users received personalized daily activity recaps. 

Take a look at our Spring event roster and let us know if you’ll be there too:


9-12, iMedia Brand Summit, Florida

17-21, Social Media Week, NY

24-26, Launch Festival, SF

24-27, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona


7-16, SxSW Interactive, Austin

26-27, ad:tech, San Francisco


5 – 7, TechCrunch Disrupt, NY

19-21, The Future of Consumer Intelligence, Los Angeles

20-21, OpenCo New York

We and our agency, brand and media company partners will be using KITE at all of these events to evaluate the companies we already know and those we discover. If you plan on attending any of these events, or have any suggested events, leave a comment or email Rachel@getKITE.co to discuss how we can win together.