The Top 3 Rewards & Loyalty Apps for the Connected Customer

March 26th, 2014

We may love staying up until midnight and cruising Amazon for kitchen gadgets, and literature, but one-stop online shopping can only take us so far. Most of us like the premise of in-store shopping. Brick-and-mortar retailers have proved resilient and resourceful amidst the rapid onset of cheap, convenient online shopping. Innovative Rewards & Loyalty technologies have emerged as a crucial tool for the modern retailer, making it easier to identify and entice connected customers.

Over the last few years, three key industries have paved the way for the current Rewards & Loyalty boom: mobile, social, and geolocation tech. On their own, each of these markets has produced key driving technologies like mobile check-in software, location-sensing tech, mobile ad-serving solutions, social sharing and user-generated content promoters. When combined, these tools form the heart of current Rewards & Loyalty sector offerings.

These SoLoMo rewards technologies are hugely popular with the brand and agency networks on KITE. Take a look at the technologies topping our leaderboard:

LevelUP is a mobile payment and loyalty platform that lets consumers pay at a retail location by holding their smartphone in front of a sensor. Merchants can push coupons or rewards to buyers’ phones in order to entice them back to their locations.  

Belly has created a universal smartphone loyalty card, which customers can swipe to gain coupons and freebies at their favorite spots. Belly gives businesses the tools to market to their favorite customers by reaching out to them through email campaigns and social media tools.

CommutePays delivers promotions and rewards directly to your mobile device each day, based on your personal commuting routine.Travelling to work or even running errands can help users earn miles and redeem deals.

All three of our Rewards & Loyalty risers help tailor brand experience to consumers on an individual level. Old-school rewards card programs were excellent means to foster brand loyalty, but when you add the location and social layers often bundled with smartphone apps, you have a more complex and telling pool of customer data to pull from.

Some of the world’s biggest brands, like McDonalds and Disney, have partnered with startups like Belly and Kiip to engage one-on-one with shoppers in real-time. Billion-dollar brands and mom and pop shops alike can use these simple rewards programs to engage with consumers in meaningful ways and turn customers into brand evangelists.  

Tomorrow night, instead of browsing Amazon’s exotic wonders, download a Rewards & Loyalty app of your choice and explore the local deals available in your backyard.

Rewards & Loyalty Pilots on KITE

We currently have a healthy group of Rewards & Loyalty pilot programs in the KITE marketplace. Take a look one of the companies offering up a promising pilot.

 Plyfe users participate in sweepstakes-based “games” or campaigns, which consist of social challenges such as answering trivia questions, watching a YouTube video or tweeting to be entered to win real prizes and experiences. 

To learn more about Plyfe, view the specifics of the pilot offer, or look at the rest of the Social TV pilots available, connect with KITE

Next week, we’ll give you a peek at some of the companies trending on KITE in the burgeoning Business Analytics sector. Stay tuned.