4 Reasons Why Your Startup Should Apply to Visa’s The Everywhere Initiative ($150k Available)

April 21st, 2015

Visa understands how hard it can be for startups to get their foot in the door with large brands. That’s why it recently launched The Everywhere Initiative, a program to source innovative solutions from tech startups (apply here by April 30). Visa ultimately wants to help startups showcase their ideas while also solving meaningful business objectives.

“We’re in such a transformative time that businesses and marketing organizations can’t just depend on themselves or their agencies to solve their business problems,” Visa SVP Global Head of Digital & Marketing Transformation Shiv Singh told AdAge in March.

As part of The Everywhere Initiative kickoff at SXSW, Visa selected video startup Reelio for a $30K pilot program. Now, Visa is looking for emerging-tech companies that can help solve three marketing challenges:

  • Drive Digital Commerce: Raise awareness of Visa Checkout and increase enrollment numbers.
    • Ideal types of companies include: Content amplification, eCommerce/mCommerce, social shopping
  • Inspire Millennials: Help millennials break down the barriers to reaching their financial goals.
    • Ideal types of companies include: Personal finance, P2P payments, quantified self, UGC & messaging
  • Reward Members: Maximize benefits to Visa Signature cardholders and increase their brand loyalty.
    • Ideal types of companies include: Insights, rewards & perks, customer service, sharing economy

KITE, which is powering this program, will award up to a $50K pilot program with Visa for each brief. Startups interested in participating need to apply here by April 30. Here are four reasons why your startup should apply to The Everywhere Initiative:

  1. Visa’s awarding three startups up to $50K each in pilot programs.
  2. Winning startups have the opportunity to meet and strategize with Visa SVP Global Head of Digital & Marketing Transformation Shiv Singh, as well as other Visa executives for mentorship.
  3. Startups get the chance to test and scale their product or service with a global brand.
  4. If the pilot program is successful, startups will have an opportunity for follow-on revenue through ongoing contracts with Visa.

Be sure to sign up here by April 30 to participate in The Everywhere Initiative.