12 Corporate Innovation Partnerships In Action

April 30th, 2015

How cool would it be if a global hotel brand could virtually transport you to a beach in Hawaii or the streets of London — and get you excited about your next vacation? Marriott gave just-married couples in New York City that opportunity last fall, thanks to its partnership with virtual-reality pioneer Oculus.

Through these types of partnerships with startups, big companies are innovating in ways you probably never could have imagined.

77% of the US Fortune 100 are already tapping the startup ecosystem to transform their industries, reimagine relationships with their consumers and increase their brand reach.

To inspire both brands and startups, we’ve highlighted 12 recent innovation partnerships, including Marriott & Oculus, Mattel & Google, and Visa & Reelio.

Check it out, tell us which ones inspire you the most and let us know about other great innovation partnerships.