Corporate Innovation Leaders: Here’s Binge-Worthy Content You’ve Been Looking For

May 8th, 2018

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  1. Why Female Founders Matter To These Startup Innovation Leaders (KITE)
  2. 34% of U.S. Adult Consumers Have A Smart Speaker, 31% Plan To Get One (MediaPost)
  3. More Firms Look for Revenue Boost from Tech Innovation, CIOs (WSJ)
  4. When Consumer Packaged Goods Start Acting Like Software (VC opinion in VentureBeat)
  5. Hacking the Enterprise: 5 Reasons Your Corporate Innovation Strategy Will Fail (Hypepotamus)


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“If I just went with my own gut, always, why [do] I have a team,” she asks rhetorically. “They’re not paper monkeys to do the research and serve it up to me.”

Bonny Simi, President of JetBlue Technology Ventures, on the power of having a team with diverse backgrounds, in Fast Company.


Study This Partnership

Last summer, global pharma company Abbott Laboratories announced its partnership with Bigfoot Biomedical, a startup that creates diabetes care devices and systems. The plan: for Bigfoot to use Abbott’s glucose-sensing technology to develop a personalized, user-friendly system for delivering insulin — no finger-prick required. Both are committed to changing how diabetes is managed.

Although the companies have not revealed how far they’ve come with a combined product, their partnership progressed well enough in eight months that Abbott recently invested in Bigfoot as part of its $55MM Series B round.

Takeaway: When long-term visions align, as with Abbott and Bigfoot, take advantage of opportunities to deepen the partnership in a way that benefits both parties.

More from Bigfoot on the investment here.

Watch These Corporate Innovation Leaders’ Sessions from SXSW 2018

KITE hosted a half-day of startup innovation-focused programming for corporate innovation leaders at SXSW to highlight approaches that are showing promise, what global scale of promising efforts looks like, and innovation at the board of directors level. End your FOMO and binge-watch all three sessions.

Want to Fix Corporate Innovation?

How to Lead the Global Race for Startup Innovation

Innovation: The (Board) Director’s Cut

  • Sonya Sepahban, director for Genomenon, CooperStandard; co-founder, Our Office
  • Melissa Frugé, Chief Legal Officer of Spredfast; director for Austin Technology Council, Texas Civil Rights Project
  • John Hotta, director for Kaiser Permanente Washington and First Washington Robotics; co-founder Capital Executive Services [@johnhotta]


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