Global 2000 enterprises accelerate their open innovation efforts with KITE by mapping, monitoring and managing their startup ecosystem activities simply in one powerful solution.

At KITE, we’re solving huge pain-points with the mission of creating greater outcomes for enterprises and startups. At scale, we believe KITE can facilitate the greatest reallocation of resources and assets to unlock growth by enabling faster, smarter, more innovative corporations and a more viable startup ecosystem globally.

What's In A Name?

Consistent with our lofty, global ambitions we chose a name and logo that represent elevating an entire ecosystem. Emotionally, the KITE symbol translates positively in nearly every language, culture and region of the world. Conceptually, the KITE symbol flies to the upper right quadrant of a strategy matrix where blue-sky objectives and breakthrough models, markets and revenues await as well as the “hockey-stick” pro forma bar chart of compounding, accelerated growth both enterprises and startups seek to unlock. From our earliest days, we adopted the mantra “We Rise Together,” an ethos that informs everything we do.

Since KITE launched in 2013 the market has awoken to the realization that disruptive innovation rarely starts from within, so they’re turning to startups to unlock growth, while strengthening all aspects of their business.

Who are we?

KITE is built around shared values, passions and mission – attracting diverse talent that could excel anywhere, and chose to let it fly right here at KITE. Our team possesses deep domain expertise and backgrounds from leading tech, venture, accelerators, enterprises and consultancies including CrunchBase, Rocketspace, Plug n Play, Goldman Sachs, Anthem and LAUNCH. We are accountable, direct, obsessed with data and customer success, have a record for over-delivering and little patience for anything standing in the way of innovation.

Brit Boroian
Innovation Analyst
Aaron Careaga
Director of Software Engineering
Olha Cherevychna
QA Engineer
Shawn Deprey
Director of Computer Science
Mark Gamab
Rachel Israel
Customer Success Manager
Kirin Kalia
Director of Marketing
Jennifer Lee
Innovation Analyst
Tarah Malhotra-Feinberg
Chief Customer Officer
Nick Mathers
Chief Operations Officer
Tom McDermott
Sales Director
Dylan Meskis
Software Engineer
Yulya Moroz
QA Engineer
Jason Parkyn
Director of Product
Dakota Pfeifer
Software Engineer
Sergey Popenko
Software Engineer
Laura Shamus
Software Engineer
Elton Shehdula
Innovation Analyst
Mark Silva
Founder and CEO
Talia Soffer
Innovation Analyst

Board of Directors

Good companies are built by great people. Great companies include strong boards for leadership, strategic insights and governance. Since its earliest days we’ve structured KITE to be great:

Mark Silva
Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor, Speaker, Director
Mark Hendrickson
Founder (Plancast, Neotoma, KITE), Builder (Crunchbase, Lift), Director

Global 2000 Leaders Love KITE


The KITE team can be found at WeWorks across the country (and often the world), placing us at the center of the (physical) global startup + enterprise network.

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