KITE’s enterprise platform unifies message, processes and resources, accelerating your efforts with outside innovation.

KITE is powerful enough to satisfy the needs of the super-user in the innovation center of excellence, with venture-quality data, tools & analysis. It also simplifies innovation for very busy people, making it easy to amplify thought leadership and expertise across the organization.

Whether you are just getting started or have sophisticated innovation programs in place, KITE fits in easily, complements existing tools and workflows, and accelerates enterprise success.

  • Venture-quality data
  • Curation & collaboration tools
  • Track sectors and companies
  • Synthesized landscapes, reports & exports
  • Machine-learning powered recommendations
  • Dynamically-updated startup profiles
  • Startup relationship management
  • Enterprise-wide Innovation dashboard & news feeds
  • Private enterprise network
  • On-demand analyst support

Product Highlights

Harness the intelligence of the enterprise

KITE’s end-to-end platform unifies all of your global efforts around startup innovation, powering competitive advantage and growth. Move fluidly through discovery, evaluation, selection and implementation to build a system that accelerates learning & success.

Understand & track tech landscapes

Dynamic, data-driven views of tech areas help you understand, educate colleagues and define the richest opportunities. Subscribe to updates to always have your finger on the pulse.

Partner with the best fit startups

KITE’s partnership management system helps you develop briefs, collaboratively evaluate & select partners, and activate the deals that will drive the next generation of enterprise innovation. It’s all captured in your private enterprise network, so you’ll have a real-time dashboard of progress, status and outcomes.

Extend your team without headcount

KITE’s on-demand analyst team gives you access to venture-quality insights whenever you need them. Request custom research, monitor tech sectors, connect with startups and advance your innovation agenda without adding overhead.

Maximize innovation events

KITE’s startup curation and private collaboration tools provide a powerful way to plan and capture activities and connections at tentpole industry and private innovation events. Platform-generated recaps and recommendations illuminate the totality of signal from attendees, driving accountability and action from scouts, executives and across the enterprise.

With KITE, you have venture-quality data, tools and analysis at your command.

Getting started is simple – activate your entire enterprise for one low subscription fee